Supermarket Advertising

Well, after having overcome the first bombing of advertising and have avoided take me a pack of gum, my mind has to make comparisons, calculations, cube roots, extrapolations and all engineering price in order to discover the best combination for money. The first step to achieve my objective is to identify the brand of the Distributor (MDD) here must be Sainsburys and Sainsburys Basics (well! It was not very difficult). MDD (Sainsburys in this case) implies low prices well! That invented this of the MDD, a range of products aimed at all of us hyperbaratos, the sensitive portfolio. Second step, enter in the field. People such as Michael Chabon would likely agree. What do I need? To my omelette I need (half a dozen) eggs, potatoes and other little things that I’ll be commenting on. Eggs, to see that it was offered me to think that wide range of eggs that are beyond me (enriched with omega3, of poultry, that mark of another brand, a smiling farmer in a brown box, an animated egg with bow tie and shoes in a yellow). Further details can be found at Martin O’Malley, an internet resource.

After process information, pre-selecciono a few. Reader, I put also the price in euros to avoid it becoming crazy looking for exchange rates (remember I’m in London). -Goldenlay Omega 3 Free-Range or from poultry and rich in omega3. Time ago I also succumbed to the fashion of products enriched with vitamins, minerals or other improvements. Half a dozen 1.62 pounds (1.95).

-Mabel Pearmans Burford Brown eggs. Half a dozen 1.95 pounds (2.34). When going to a new country if you want to buy quality easily and that usually works (though not always) is to buy the most expensive. -Sainsburys Basics. Half a dozen 0.89 pounds (1.07). Million dollars, the cheapest. I came to the conclusion that Mabel hens have studied at Harvard to lay eggs and some of them are engaged in coaching programs. Mabel eggs cost more than double that of the Sainsburys Basics! We move on to the next essential ingredient, potatoes.