GB Extreme Pro Compact Flash

There are certainly many options out there that when it comes to means of communication, but somehow SanDisk memory card has always been the favorite of many people. Over the years many people has accumulated a small pile of SanDisk memory card to start with large CF cards, progressing to a standard SD memory card and then to the micro and mini memory card SD and adapters. SanDisk flash don’t let us forget units. It is hard to believe the storage that is available to the small memory card micro SD these days. I enjoy the fact that old memory card disk 3,5 inch that stored a single document in the 1.44 MB disk space.

Times have changed. Now there is the memory card of a 128 GB SanDisk specially designed for the reception of videos and photos, with a large amount of space. Remember the first 1 GB of hard disk. Here, John Mclaughlin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It cost approximately $1400 for him and people thought he was never going to run out of space. But with new models is that the memory card has changed! The new 238 GB Extreme Pro Compact Flash memory card is a photographer’s dream because it has an infinite amount of storage and fast performance. This memory card recording speeds are up to 100 GB / s.

account with a guarantee of a full HD quality video performance. In his endless quest to improve and expand the applications of memory card, SanDisk has other new tricks up his sleeve. One of these tricks, the new secure access software. This software protects your videos, photos, music and data files in a safe deposit box for your USB drive. You can drag and drop files online Vault 128 bit AES encryption for security. Files are stored securely online from 2 GB by Dmailer technology. Even if your flash drive memory card is lost or stolen, your files are safe. Secure Access is available on the Cruzer SanDisk Ultra, Slive Cruzer, Cruzer Blade Edge and Cruzer. The new SanDisk Ultra unit memory card USB flash, has file transfer to speeds up to 15 MB / s. comes in 8, 16 and 32 GB capacities. It has protection password and encryption, as well as up to 2 GB of free online backup. Another novelty, in addition to SanDisk memory card is the new Xbox 360 drive USB flash. Simply connect it to your Xbox. It comes pre-configured for the Xbox, so it does not require installation. It occurs in 8 and 16 GB capacity.