A Greeting Instead Of Flowers For Valentine

With Xoya give a declaration of love in the video, with their own images and video of common experiences, this surprise is perfect. In a few days, the day of love and friendship is imminent. Many myths and legends mark this day, Valentine’s day. On February 14 gift to lovers and friends with flowers, chocolates and other small gestures to express their affection and feelings. After Germany, this tradition with US troops came after the second world war. Especially the florist and Schokolatiers celebrated and praised Valentine’s day with their products. Until today the hype continued to this day always and the supermarkets are booming at this time with hearted offerings. The gifts are always creative and personal.

Who gives yet a simple box of chocolates and a few roses. Chocolate packaging are embellished with shared photos and the bouquets with handmade ornaments. So the individuality of a gift is becoming more and more to the fore. There also Xoya had the right idea, that you instead of a simple map Pack his affection in a movie could. So, the loving movie templates, created with roses, hearts and champagne, which make perfect the greeting in a video. The software is free download and install on your PC.

Then, you can make a personal film with your own pictures and videos from your hard drive. These you simply imported into the application and ranks them using drag & drop”function on. In addition the Introtitel and the individual chapter headings can be according to own needs adjusted. Still, the templates are already deposited with matching music, according to the event. Following the simple steps of moviemaking, the customer already sees a preview of his final film in the software. So he can make small changes, to make his film perfect. Then, you can order the movie directly in the shop and simply pay via online be number options or a credit card. The finished film will be sent to one, it takes only a few minutes. You get the movie in HD quality download (mp4 format), to burn on DVD, or as a streaming for sending email. Thus, this gift is easy and quickly created and still boasts a high quality and professionalism. The perfect gift for Valentine’s day is nothing in the way.