Marketing networks in general have a common denominator, which is the work with people that are joining next to it in order to promote a product or service. But there the similarity. The variety of models, products, or services and rules which define the great variety of marketing networks that exist today, is so extensive, that when some people say that being a MLM, you know that it is, is because they already have a pre-set ideas of what they have heard of marketing networks that have many years in the market. It is necessary that let’s look with that network of marketing should work, which agrees more with what we seek, with the persons environment in which we move and that according to our personality we feel more comfortable. Dr. Mark Hyman helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. For this it is necessary to study the three most decisive factors that make the difference between them. But even before defining these three factors, we must determine: the strength of the company.

That the Administration is impeccable. That time in the market may not less than five years, that growth is sustained (without highs and lows) and very fast. Find out where does the money that we get paid. That a person newly arrival can earn more revenue that a have more time so that it does not become a pyramid. People who earn more is because more strive.

The product or service shall be unique and exclusive because otherwise there will be too much competition. This worldwide. And finally that the company this very committed to working with leading edge technologies in the continuous research and development to bring new meritorious products and at the same time unique and exclusive. Once evaluated this, the three most important main parts are: is the system by which it applies must be very simple so easily duplicable, because as we all know replication is what gives life its networks of marketing a product that is very commendable and people more acquired because really it needs it that by selling pressure so I buy it and at the same time you can not get it in no other party.