Askety Audience

It is clear that, bringing a new product to market, rely on a segment of conservatives should be the last. Active communication with Conservatives – virtually meaningless exercise. Distrust of messages from strangers – quite common in the segment of conservatives. Even the well-known and trusted people get their information from the Conservatives a certain degree of skepticism. US Senator from Vermont is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Proverb 'Old Friends are Best' can be considered the motto of their lives when applied to many areas, including for consumption. Of course, there are business models that successfully exploit consumer conservatism. For example, the loyalty of conservatives old traditional brands can vigorously develop markets for luxury goods. Today, the dominance of new brands is almost 'pushes' the Conservatives in terms of limited choice of familiar manufacturers, quality and reputation are tested for decades.

Accordingly, the old stamps are favored by the target audience rather stable in low competition, which will guarantee them the basic freedom of financial results and strategic actions aimed at growth in other, more innovative segments. 'Hedonists and Askety'b> In ancient Greece, was very common a philosophy of hedonism – sremlenii for comfort, pleasure and enjoyment. The highest aim and the main motive of human existence in the circles of adherents of this lifestyle was declared extract pleasure from every moment of life. In those days, pleasures were not so materialized, as it is today, their sources have traditionally been the love of joy, delicacies, wine, music and spectacle. Today, this 'toolkit' significantly expanded and materialized. Many businesses are focused on the emotional needs of the audience, offering in addition to the overall functionality of their products for the positive feelings consumers.