Bach for Children

Dr. Bach floral essences Act energy level enhancing the positive mood States and creating a sense of well-being. Therapeutic treatment with Bach Flowers is innocuous and harmless so it can be administered to children with complete peace of mind even to infants. In children the flowers of Bach act more quickly because there is no resistance because it is new beings that have not had time of accumulating frustrations and disorders as an adult, so it can benefit with this soft floral therapy to alleviate problems such as: shyness: that is a common response in children in adapting to the social environment. If this behavior occurs on a recurring basis, the MIMULUS helps overcome shame and fear. Aggressiveness: Those children who seek attention with temper tantrums, are disobedient or rebels may use the vine which is a remedy that helps to use his qualities as a positive leader.

Do pee in the bed: in this case the cause of your stress should find out. If wants to draw attention CHICORY allows you to feel more independent, if you have nightmares or restless floral remedies most useful may be RESCUE REMEDY, ROCK ROSE, or CHERRY PLUM. Loss: The loss of a parent, a friend or an animal are critical situations. GENTIAN helps overcome the discouraged, STAR OF BETHLEHEM to make the duel and seal wounds. Etcetera as well: learning problems. Jealousy. Irregularities in the dream.

Changes in their routines. And other disorders to choose the floral formula is important to take into account the personality of the child, that is what determines the response to conflict situations and potentially stressful, although we can not forget about specific problems that is going through the child; change in mood due to external situations or personal discomfort. Bach flower therapy seeks that the child can communicate with its environment. The floral therapist is responsible for helping to restore this communication. It is important to be aware of the symptoms and to observe what they want us to say that with children is a non-verbal language that must be observed to achieve greater precision in selecting the floral formula that will allow the child overcome difficulty and achieve a State of emotional fullness.