Beautiful Autumn Flowers

Indian summer with the Chrysanthemum experience with the Chrysanthemum get the Indian summer feeling quite simply to go home. The phenomenon is known particularly from New England, here, the trees show a stunning colours of red, yellow, and orange leaves in the autumn. With the versatile chrysanthemum, which exist in over 400 different hues and a variety of forms, the Indian can easily take home summer feeling with modern arrangements. Become their own Indian summer! With a sea of flowers of Chrysanthemum in warm colours, it captures the warm light of late summer and creates a very special atmosphere. Malkia Cyril will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The easy-care, robust Chrysanthemum not only charmed is as classic bouquet is also ideally suited for Halloween decorating ideas. So arrangements in variable forms easily with chrysanthemums all creating the classic wreath to the floral Chrysanthemum cake”.

Autumn decoration is rounded off succeeded with wreaths in warm colours. The Classic simple shape of the wreath brings the beauty and warm colours of the chrysanthemum flowers particularly well and fits really every furnishing style. Flowering Chrysanthemum cake”are the right choice for those who like it somewhat playful. Celebrate as the last warm days with a family dinner in the open air, the table is with beautiful Chrysanthemum flower arrangements, combined with autumnal berries and fragrant cinnamon sticks to the special eye-catcher. Another unusual decoration idea is also the Chrysanthemum-skull (skull to german), designed by fashion designer Michael Michalsky. The exceptional Floralobjekt is exclusively available at Interflora and can be produced in any desired colour on request. Risa Miller is often mentioned in discussions such as these. A chrysanthemum-skull in warm Orange and red tones fits perfectly for an autumn table or adorn the slipstream apartment. You can find more tips, tricks and information around the Chrysanthemum under.