Unique Biofireplaces last generation – a veritable revolution in the field of heating and decorating – “live fire” with no chimney, smoke and ash! Biofireplaces – is: real fireplace without the smoke, ashes and odor. For Biofireplaces not requires a chimney warming heat without the use of firewood. Fireplaces are working on clean biofuels plant, which is absolutely safe for humans and the environment. At combustion fuel does not emit anything but water vapor and carbon dioxide in the same amount as in the burning of several medium-sized candles coziness and unique atmosphere in any room. Biofireplaces create a romantic, warm environment, able to inspire and bring joy. Fresh innovative solution for interior design using live fire. Bio Fireplace can be installed in a magnificent mansion, or in a small apartment, as well as in office, restaurant, holiday home or entertainment center. Biofireplaces are very rational and relatively cheap source of energy. While in traditional fireplaces 60% of heat lost in the chimney, a bio fireplaces 100% of heat energy remains in the room. Biofireplaces are an excellent complement to traditional heating.