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Biography studied at the universities of Lehigh and Princeton, graduating in industrial engineering. He started as a trainee engineer in the company Ford Motor Company in 1946, then joined the sales department, in 1953 this rose to chief of department of the district of Philadelphia, three years later was appointed head of sales department of the city of Washington and in 1960 succeeded Robert S. McNamara as vice president and general manager. A significant factor in his view were imported cars, which are increasingly covered over the U.S. market. But imagine that would create a legend, he conceived one of the most successful cars Ford has built the Mustang. Because of its enormous insight into the tastes of consumers asked designers to build not the best but the cheapest of sports cars. The Americans did not want both the engine sports car but the appearance.Ford offered consumers an elegant emotion and a very reasonable price. The Mustang sold more in its first year (1964) than any other Ford car, breaking all sales records. In 1970 it was President Ford. Also directed the creation of the controversial Ford Pinto. Removed from office in 1978 because of his differences with Henry Ford II, Iacocca was hired as president and CEO of Chrysler Corporation, which was in a bad situation, only the quarter was ending showed a loss of 160 million. He got government help, it was secretly rewarded years later by the U.S. Congress for destroying the Ford Lincoln where he was assassinated John F. Lee Kennedy when he was still Ford executive orders of the CIA, although in her memoir this fact is omitted for obvious reasons. He also paid all debts in less than five years and turned it over to the situation of the company.His van or minivan Dodge Caravan / Plymouth Voyager, introduced in 1983, was one of the best-selling cars in America. Iacocca retired at the end of 1992 but still in the Chrysler executive committee. The author of two books that are still best sellers: Iacocca: An Autobiography (1984) and Straight Talk (1988). Lee Iacocca’s autobiography, published in 1983, sold seven million copies in the U.S. alone, expanding the world translated into six languages and remains the highest selling book in nonfiction in 1983 and 1984. He entered as a mere vendor and Ford revolutionized the company, both with their marketing ideas and devising new models. His breakthrough was the model Mustang, a sporty car that was sold at an affordable price and was a success. After leaving humiliated by Ford, John Riccardo, Chrysler’s then president, seen as the corporate life was slipping through his fingers. Not having much to lose, called him and gave him full powers.Iacocca brought together some of his former colleagues at Ford and launched a range of new models, among which the Voyager, the first minivan to hit the market. One of his last great successes was to get together a team that, after withdrawal led Chrysler to be again a very efficient company.