Caribbean Sea

To get somewhere, always needed a little confidence in itself. If you think you do not have enough, here's something you should know: It was in 1999 and it seemed as if time had stopped in the Caribbean Sea. An unusual event occurred on its warm waters. A tragedy that traveled the world producing thousands of headlines. An event that ended up dividing the opinions in United States.

And putting pressure on the government of that country for more than seven months. The protagonist, a child of five years. This little innocent-looking creature was recorded in the hearts of millions of people. Almost everyone saw the pictures when he was rescued from the salt and dehydration on the coast of Florida. It was found after traveling to drift over 200 km offshore. It had been stolen from his family in Cuban territory days ago.

Little was one of only three survivors of a capsized raft. The other two were adults. It all started when his mother set off towards what he thought would guarantee a life of prosperity. With incalculable irresponsibility exposed his son to a probable death. He risked his life and lost his own. She, her companions and the children were hungry sharks preparing its final assault. But only the boy and two other people could see the away and your hunger satisfied. l lived through this horror. The fragile life under that hot sun and still persisted. The waters gradually resumed their old navy blue. But from there, the minutes did not last only seconds, but days.