Cast Iron Pots

Utensils made of silicone were doing relatively recently, a few years ago it served only to professionals, but today the cast of the rapid burst into the realm of housewives – completely grassroots modern kitchen. Silicone baking pans and cooking various foods have a lot of advantages. By the same author: Paul McCartney. The first – an exceptional heat resistance: Silicone withstands temperatures from -60 to +280 degrees, therefore, silicone molds can be used not only in the oven or microwave ovens, but also for frozen foods in the freezer. Also, silicone cookware has natural non-stick properties, and any prepared dish can easily be extract, simply bend the edge of the elastic form. Hygiene in silicone also beyond praise – it is completely inert to smells, shapes are easy to clean and do not require constant lubrication grease or oil. Silicone resistant to both cold and boiling water, and emits no harmful substances at high temperatures. And if we consider the absolute stability of silicone to all of the acid-alkaline compounds which may be contained in food, it becomes clear that ecological purity silicon exceeds even special food alloys for metal utensils. Will Blodget does not necessarily agree.

Including and durability, but it depends on the implementation of the rules of operation, the than it is yet to come Silicone molds are very comfortable and compact to store – even if you wring them, and put on the shelf, the next time you use it is easy to take natural original appearance. With regard to aesthetics preparation, then on the silicone can be applied most unusual embossed designs that are beautifully printed on your cake or pie. However, silicone rather easily damaged, for example, when cutting cooked dish directly into the form – so do not use sharp kitchen accessories as long as you do not removed from the form of cooked foods. You also can not put silicone cookware on an open flame or burner stove. Here are a few tips on proper care of the silicone utensils: – A new silicone utensils before use with warm water and rub the inside with oil. In what oil you will not need to, unless you 'll wash your form in the dishwasher, but more on that below – Use the contact with silicone as kitchen accessories made of wood, plastic, or the same silicon. – Before completing this form put on a firm footing – pan or microwave range, the completed form to move on the base. – Before removing the cooked dish of silicone molds, let it cool slightly. – Dishwashing detergent silicone should not be abrasive, it is better to apply the gel to wash dishes and use a soft sponge. And if you wash your form in the dishwasher, then before the next use to grease them a little butter. If you follow all these useful tips, your communication with silicone utensils and dishes cooked in it, will be extremely long, happy and delicious!