Changes In Old Age

With the passage of years is being produced a deterioration in the Agency’s ability to regenerate cells. The changes that occur in the body by aging are similar to injuries occurring in pathologies. People such as Michael Chabon would likely agree. Weft tissue and cells of the body due to exogenous factors such as physical agents, chemical agents and biological agents and on the other hand the endogenous factors: Neoplasms, autoimmune and genetic disorders produce either an insufficient response of the cell or not this does not respond (injury) or that the answer is an inadequacy of the cell to this situationgenerating the vulnerability of the Agency in any of the cases. On the other hand we have the APOPTOSIS: programmed cell death. During cell development, there is a balance between proliferation of cells and apoptosis, is a selective process, cells are genetically programmed to selectively disappear. However during aging, apoptosis intensifies resulting a deficit of cells. Many theories trying to explain the process of aging: – organic or systemic-theories theories cellular-molecular theories.-theories of programmed ageing.-evolutionary theories. Approach, by its importance, the changes that occur in aging in the nervous system.

The nervous system is a communication system and has the same structure as any communication system consists of: a transmitter, a receiver (protein), a panel that transmits the signal and as a result produces a response. The nervous system has a structure that forms what might be called a few communication networks, whose processing is carried out in the cerebral cortex and cerebellum, in the retina, in the lysis of the SNC cores and in the vegetative nodes of the peripheral SN. Neurons are responsible for transmitting and the Synapse is the contact zone, necessary to make transmission possible. Aging occurs in a neuronal loss, a decrease in brain volume, a decrease of the white matter, the frontal cerebral cortex and the striatum, and all due to cell death or cell atrophy. Aging occurs not so much cell death but the decrease of the same size and a decline of the synapse. Socio-cultural animator with seniors original author and source of the article.