When we talk about children and girls, of course, we must not only have knowledge base to express our ideas, but in addition it is necessary to have previous experience, and by that I mean to own and direct experience with those. To know more about this subject visit Star Guitarist. If we look at a boy or a girl, we will recognize that it is a unique world, a person in small, a creature that requires not only care but also a wealth of guidance, knowledge and affection. Then in this sense those who see them small, funny, funny, other times not so well; need of us adults, and particularly teachers who have real vocation for teaching. Even if life itself is a teacher that teaches all the time of our existence. What can give them is in our reach. I have heard many fathers and mothers who want their children get good adjectives (does?), that have access to the immediate superior degree of studies; and I do not really understand it. And most troubling It’s that they don’t know the harm that would be causing to take aim only those aspects of education. It is very important as necessary to give them knowledge, but not be useless at first, i.e., that they can carry them into daily practice, within the management of their world, without which would lack strong support within his comprehensive knowledge.

Before said that the letter with blood comes and brings us many. Nothing pleasant memories. And on many occasions rather than enjoyable study becomes something incompatible and to what many students grip cholera. Procedures, methodology, and many more strategies should apply according to the human resource that is to the front. In particular, within our home school, know well our children and is exactly what leads us to acquire a faithful, loving commitment to be the first professors of them. A key to the four winds: let us be good examples throughout. They capture through the senses: see, hear, feel, smell, they like.

Then, as they grow must give the support necessary, are not plants that only need watering and pay; they are human beings who require a complex system and permanent education. We devote more time to the daily work of our children, immerse ourselves in their activities by more simple they may seem, they appreciate it much. After all, remember that they may not always be small, and when that happens, perhaps to give us account already have party on our side to form by themselves. The affection is indispensable, necessary exceedingly. Believe it! With affection and good ways you will get much in them.