Picasso’s birthplace, Plaza de la Merced in Malaga. “Pablo Diego Jos Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Cipriano de Santisima Trinidad Ruiz Picasso’s” (as his birth certificate) or “Pablo Diego Jos Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Mar a de los Remedios of the Holy Trinity Crispiniano Ruiz Picasso” (according to his departure of baptism), was the first child of Jose Ruiz Blasco and Maria Picasso Lopez. Born on 25 October 1881 in Malaga, Spain, in a family of petty. Picasso had two sisters, Dolores (1884-1958) and Concepcion (1887-1895). From Jos Ruiz Blasco know who wanted to be was a painter and art teacher at school called San Telmo Malaga. The mother is poorly understood, apparently was a stronger personality than her husband, and Picasso was always at her utmost respect and tenderness, which some think they see in the picture he drew in 1923. Picasso began painting at an early age.In 1889, eight years after a bullfight and under the direction of his father painted the small chopper, his first oil painting, which always refused to separate. In 1891, the family left Malaga, where the father was appointed professor at the Instituto de La Coruna. There, Paul worked on his drawing and showed strong confidence in themselves and in their gifts was ten.His early work, a vigorous and almost savage realism, showed an early predilection for popular characters. 1895 was a year of important events in his childhood, in January, his sister died Concepcion and his father in September obtained a professorship at La Lonja School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona, where young Paul was admitted as a student and studied for two years, which led him to paint, perhaps to please his father, a series of tables that the academic style sentimental surprise after the vitality of the portraits he had made in La Coruna. bright and precocious student, Picasso passed in one day, at the age of fourteen, the entrance examination at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, and was allowed to skip the first two classes.According to one of the many legends about the artist, his father, recognizing the extraordinary talent of his son to watch his early childhood, handed him his brush and palette and vowed never to paint in her life. Unlike music, there are no child prodigies in painting. What people perceive as premature genius is the genius of childhood. It gradually disappears as they age. It is possible that this child will become a real painter one day, perhaps even a great painter. But he should start from the beginning. Therefore, as far as I’m concerned, I was not a genius. My first drawings have never been displayed in an exhibition of children’s drawings. I lacked the clumsiness of a child, his naivety. I made academic drawings at the age of seven, with an accuracy of scared me. Picasso