Based on the materials used in the production of slides, produce the following structures: metal, plastic, wood, composite slides. Metal cabinets today are not often meet in the courts entirely metal slides. Earlier, in Soviet childhood, such designs are made of metal installed in kindergartens, playgrounds, parks and courtyards. But metal tends to rust, corrode from moisture. Therefore, at present only metal elements used for the manufacture of the frame for slides and chutes and ladders themselves are made of other materials: plastic, wood. There are children's slides and a metal blade shutter, but manufacturers use stainless steel material, which would have served a long and reliable.

Slides, completely made of metal, now very rare. Cons: impermissible use of a metal blade, which can corrode, for the production of slides and other elements of the site. Heated in the sun, the metal slides are becoming a serious danger for the baby. From: children's slides with a metal coating resistant to mechanical stress, they are not afraid of vandals and hooligans, so the life of these slides is large enough. Plastic slides Artificial material now comes in all spheres of human life, replacing items from natural materials and having high performance characteristics.

Plastic chairs, furniture, kitchenware, household items, toys today are almost every family. Children's hills were no exception. With the help of special plastics are original and colorful designs that can please any kid. In the manufacture of complex plastic baby allows you to create complex elements of the site, which will surely attract the attention of the child. Speaking of durability, the plastic children's slide in the yard last a long time, if not attacked the Vandals. Precipitation they are not afraid, they do not absorb moisture, do not have the thermal conductivity, like metal. Cons: some will consider separate models slides too garish and intrusive, too pretentious for kids. Pros: listed properties of plastic slides speak for themselves. Wood wooden roller coaster is a classic choice when selecting a material for the organization of children's slides. First of all parents pay attention the safety of the tree, its high environmental friendliness. Natural material has become traditional in the manufacture of roller coasters. It is ideal for children's playgrounds, which are stylized fairy kingdom with a wooden houses and the old woman's hut Yagi. If the surrounding buildings are made of wood, it will look strange design for the children of a different material. Cloth shutter is not required to wood, can now be offer a wide range of modern materials that can be used as a cover for a children's roller coaster. Cons: the use of wood leads to a lot of operational issues and has nuances. Children's slides, made of wood, are drying up, destruction, separation. And that could cause injury to enhance the playground. Hygroscopicity of wood leads to the emergence and development harmful bacteria, fungus. But the modern market offers a huge amount of resources that can help protect the wood against external influences. Pros: only wooden roller coaster, due to a natural material, child may feel closer to nature. Wooden children's slides are an organic component of the design ideas.