Children And Astrology

There are many questions and situations similar to the problem that children raised in every moment of life. Tarot Consultations can see the reason that motivates many attitudes and reactions, the causes of failure in many cases and other real apparent. At the bottom of all there is usually a situation created by something that seems very simple and that parents sometimes find it very difficult real and sincere recognition by parents, the personality of your child. Tarot speaks constantly of the person, and since then every one of us than others, so that rolls tarot cards can appreciate the reluctance of some parents to accept what separates them from the personality, child as being different and you want to appear as such and not known about his future course one thing: that as opposed to seeking, openly rejecting the views of parents. To unravel the problems of adolescents, tarot cards reveal the early days of man doing a thorough tour of all thoughts and concerns over the life of what is of concern to both parents. Every love has a rather large dose of egoism, and tarot cards will tell if this love requires a true bonded children than among adults is expressed in many facets of possession or jealousy. The tarot is a guide tells us that the love between parents and children emerges as a result of an act for which responsibility falls on both parents. Tarot cards are always objective implying that parents should not expect any reward for the children and that the debt should be the same way that we made with our parents. Berta de la Torre