Children And Toys

Loving parents always take care that their children were surrounded by the most beautiful and useful things that they only play good quality toys to use them, they developed a logical and abstract thinking. "Once upon a time" – an online store where you can find the highest quality and environmentally-approved children's products for all seasons that will help parents to please and motivate their children. Shop Online "Once upon a time" – this is a great find for the family, because here you can buy many useful items: toys, books, videos, furniture and tools to carry it around, play in the country and outside, natural cosmetics and more. Also, our shop valuable because parents who are interested in developing your child will be able to find remarkable own methods and educational toys designed by our experts – professionals with the psychological and teacher education, which tend to cover a greater amount of educational toys and materials that exist at present in Russia and the rest of the world, and personally interact with authors and developers of all represented in our store procedures. Children's toys should be made of natural materials: if the doll is made of wool and cotton fabrics, if the computer is made of wood.

Natural materials, as opposed to synthetic, convey accurate information about the world. For example, a plastic cube can be large, but weigh very little. Such an object distorts the idea of the weight and volume. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out novelist. Subjects also made of natural materials, usually in harmony: what it is, the harder. In addition, the hand of a child osyazaya natural materials, and receives information about the world. The bark of the tree – rough, stone – smooth, sand – dry, no water holds its shape. Playing well with plastic toys, hand the child feels they just smooth, cool surface. For parents who see to it that the perception of the child was clear and correct, we offer the opportunity to purchase environmentally friendly wooden toys and natural cosmetics.

We pay attention to what our toys are painted with paint, whether their child to chew on, and of course when purchasing prefer toys made of wood, in comparison with other materials. As for cosmetics, here the rules even stricter: in order to get on the shelves of children's shop once lived, it must be a hundred percent natural – here we do not make any concessions. On our site you can also find useful information about children's products that parents become better acquainted with the criteria for selection of toys, with the game, children's development and creativity. In our store you can take delivery in Moscow and throughout Russia, which is characterized by speed and total reliability. The range of our toy shop is constantly expanding. At the same time we try to carefully monitor the quality of the goods, and often ask our staff which are almost all parents to give children toys to test them "interesting." We guarantee you and your children to safety and quality of our products.