Childrens Car Seats

Design of car seats for children must fully comply with accepted safety standards. According to the same standards, the seats are divided into several categories, depending on the weight of the child. In practice used 7 groups of car seats – 0 + (child's weight to 13 kg), 0 + / 1 (18 kg), 1 + (weight 9 to 18 kg), 1-2 (from 9 to 25 kg), 1-2 3 (9 to 36 kg), 2-3 (15 to 36 kg), 3 (22 to 36 kg). In general, the entire weight range can be covered and the two groups of seats (0 + and 1-2-3), just a chair, more appropriate age and weight he will be convenient and comfortable. Seats are separated by different groups and in appearance, and constructive.

For example, a group for very young children are most similar in construction to regular stroller. They baby is in the supine position, the most convenient for travel. Typically, such seats shall be placed in the child back to the direction of traffic, but it is possible and installed in the front seat. Sometimes the car seat for children groups 0 + and 0-1 are completed and a comfortable handle that allows easy and fast drag car seat. Your child does not even feel that it pulled out of the car and brought into the house.

Car Seats senior groups, beginning with the first group, set backs to the direction of movement is prohibited, this kid is a big car seat itself would not be as fit in the seat. However, these seats can be converted into comfortable, polusedyachii, provisions for the normal rest of the child. They can also be adjusted for height, and the child's safety is ensured by a large number of seat belts. In addition there are a variety of elements to strengthen the framework of the special chair durable plastic, making them the safest seats. Avtokreslastarshih groups (2 and 3) has little resemblance to conventional reinforced seat, rather it is small stands that raise the child on an ordinary seat. They provide the most comfortable fit of the child, and while the car seat belt will be on the shoulders of the child (and without using chairs would be placed on the neck, which does not secure). These chairs (people called) cost too much money. Universal car seat as groups like the 1-2-3 or 2-3 seats in Groups 1 and 1-2, only much larger in size and withstand heavy loads. Their height is also possible to adjust.