Chocolate From Ecuador

Fun bottles people with Stuttgart Foundation which supports Foundation South plant, making their situation even and cooperate to improve individually, as needed and sustainably. While the Foundation supports the development projects of small private relief organizations specifically how about their project partners foundation human nature. The benchmark for transparency and efficiency should be the direct assistance, as well as direct contact with the leaders and creators. Foundation under other bottles of so-called”Foundation” offers in cooperation with the southern factory – gift bottles so, selling them the Foundation benefit. It is sure that the products contained in the cavity of the bottles have a reference to the regions, in which the Foundation operates. There are some bottles with fair-trade Pacari chocolate from Ecuador or knitted hand puppets from the South American region. In addition, operators of online shops also in Stuttgart, Germany-based support their Foundation partner at charity events and Fundraising events as recently as in the slideshow “Chocolate on the Equator”, on November 16, 2008 in the Stuttgart car sheds. With their original blown glass gift bottles, which have a separate cavity for vouchers, gifts, sweets, the makers of hope “to make a small contribution in support of the objectives of their new cooperation partner”..