Classroom Management

The MANAGEMENT OF the CLASSROOM IN SUPERIOR EDUCATION, IN a TRANSFORMING PERSPECTIVE Francilene Maria de Alencar Rasp SUMMARY Presents in this boarding a reflection possibility on the management of classroom, in superior education, a transforming perspective. Leaving of profile of professor, situated in context, where it perceives the classroom that if has, with its frustrating conflicts and results, but that it glimpses the classroom that if wants is that this text was structuralized. In the model of classroom that if wants, the pupil lives its academic experience with bigger participation and performance, heading for a solid education, permeada for the dialogue, the force of the conceptual maps and the research, in a transforming perspective. Thanks to the form of developed management, in this space of learning, the mediation and the interaction are salient as relevance points. Word-Key: Management of classroom, Methodology, transforming Education.

ABSTRACT This approach presents an opportunity will be reflection on classroom management in to higher education, manufacturing perspective. On the profile of to teacher, set in context in which you carry through the classroom that has, with its conflicts and disappointing results, but that seems the classroom that if to either is that this text was structured. In the classroom that if to either the student lives to her academic experience with to greater participation and involvement, headed will be solid education, permeated by dialogues, by virtue of conceptual maps and search, manufacturing perspective. Thanks you management developed in this learning space ploughs outlined the mediation and the interaction points of relevance. Keywords: Classroom management, methodology, transformative Education. The quarrel on the Management of the classroom, to know standing out them necessary to one practical pedagogical transforming one is the intention of this study. The relation enters the citizens of the learning, in the context of the classroom, is materialized in an innovative management, marked for the dialogue, interaction, mediation, beyond a dinamizante methodology, having in sight the expectation of promising results.