Insurance companies and their products in Mexico given crime and road insecurity that exists in the country, hire an insurer has become an indispensable tool. However, having contracted an insurance for your car isn’t as quoted in the country, since over 60% of cars in Mexico are not insured. This is due to that the institution of insurance is not affordable for the vast majority of Mexicans. At the same time found that 34% of automobiles are insured compared to only 3% of households and Mexican families. It’s amazing how Mexicans prefer to make our car before our family.

Qualitatively speaking, other types of insurance cost so much as car insurance, but the family patrimony and our family’s health is infinitely more important. Lack of awareness about this issue is because that in our society, own car has a very important connotation, so much so that other classes of insurance as insurance of life, major medical expenses, home room have lower demand than car insurance. It is mentioned that the insurance of cars in Mexico represents an alternative to avoid the imbalance that can cause partial or total loss of the car, including the damage that unit could generate. While it is true that the car is more exposed to accidents, auto insurance is cheaper than any other type of insurance, although there are certain exceptions. The trend does not ensure other important aspects of our lives has a background of lack of information, financial literacy and culture of insurance. The national insurance and bonding Commission recommends that when you buy Mexico auto insurance compare prices, hedges and insurance companies, being careful to choose which best suits our needs and that, above all, meets its main objective, which is to provide us protection when something unexpected occurs.