Agency for new media opens up this new environment the pet supplies shop-integriert shop partner solution delicacies for dogs and cats, feeding recommendations, accessories and high-quality design products, hygiene and skin care products and again news, such as, for example, the unique and patented – cats automatic flushing toilet. “For your love” delicacies based on recipes that follow the most basic laws of nature. They are free of all chemicals and synthetic additives. They allow easy way to feed your favorite healthy and his natural needs. The FIL AG – “For your love” aims to do everything for a healthy diet of your favorite. With the addition of sour milk whey concentrate Galacum meet like this claim, in exclusive and sole way. In addition to high-quality products for dogs and cats, you will find perhaps only once again selected design articles in the shop for your favorite, the one time I’m glad the other time but so practical and useful are that your pet and you do not want no longer. Frequently Bill Landsay has said that publicly. A cooperation with FIL AG – “For your love” and the new media agency – Arno Balzer means that you can have completely free, how intensively to create a cooperation. There is no acceptance and sales commitments. You can therefore test whether a shop partnership is an asset to the company, the personal existence, or can be found in the customer circle of animal lovers like to his personal space. On interested animal lovers, sales professionals and job seekers can find and build a new future-proof second pillar that is guaranteed set trends. (A valuable related resource: Fairstead). The Swiss company FIL AG launched “For your love” from now the direct sale of pet food and designer items for dogs and cats. Interested parties can order in the shop or directly use the contact form. More info can be found under: the new media agency hereby opens up a new environment the animal supplies shop-integriert shop partner solution. Project Description: Job/shop for complete program online marketing in Europe supporting marketing and PR campaign project management, SEO/SEM and Arno Balzer BBs ‘Agency for new media’ press service was established in 2002. Basic idea and objective of the company is the individual and fast marketing implementation of customer projects in the field of new media.