Covert operations, coups,

Covert operations, coups, military advisers etc. 1903: Colombia, support for a rebellion, pointing to the separation of which will be the Republic of Panama with a view to building the Panama Canal. 1946 – 1949: Greece. Logistical support in the Greek Civil War. 1964: Brazil. Collaboration with the coup d’etat. 1970 – 1973: Chile. Support for the opposition to the government of Salvador Allende. Declassified CIA documents were evidence of his support for the opposition to the Allende government since the early days of his inauguration as president-elect. 1975 to 1980. South America. Collaboration from the CIA in the attempted implementation of Operation Condor. 1976: Argentina. Collaboration with the coup and installation of military rule. 1981 – 1988: Nicaragua. Logistical and financial support to opposition from the Sandinista regime.