Disabled Children

Theatre of disabled children and their parents "Overcoming" in May 2009 was 13 years old. In 1996 at the initiative of parents of children with cerebral palsy in the Palace of Culture. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Michael Chabon. Sverdlov Omsk club was organized "rests the whole family, which is already several years into an independent community theater. Among the participants of the theater, children with cerebral palsy, deaf-mute children and children with speech defects, as well as healthy members of their families. Parents of these Children are not surrendered to the mercy of the disease, they live and fight together, and the children recover. More recently, there was this little wonder – at one of our rehearsals, suddenly said Pasha, who plays the janitor in the play "A Doll City, and before that he always remained silent. For our actors theater "Overcoming" – the only real joy in life. The only pity is that many children simply are not able to come to rehearsals and performances.

Not enough wheelchairs, and very difficult to move around the city. Over the years, the theater of disabled children and their parents, "Overcoming" staged eight performances: "The little witch, Dracula and all, all, all , "Red Flower", "Two maple", "The Snow Queen," "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," "The Frog Princess," "Cinderella," "Puppet City" – each year one new view. We stand not only in their "home", within the walls of the native Palace of Culture. Sverdlov, and venues in other cities: in the Palace of Culture. Maluntseva and dc "Red Guards" in dc with.

. Children suffering from cerebral palsy, the actors, whose movements and speech are limited, much more time trying to learn his role, to learn to stand on the stage of free and independent, so that none of the spectators did not realize how much work they put into every gesture, every word in the word. In one scene, performance of "Cinderella" in harness, pulling a Cinderella to the ball, harnessed three "horse", suffering from cerebral palsy. Anyone who sees such a spectacle for the first time, this scene makes cry. Our children enjoy any opportunity to meet again with each other and with their audience. We are full of enthusiasm and new ideas.