Elements of an enterprise

is now regarded as elements of all those factors, both internal and external, influencing directly or indirectly in its functioning. The main elements of the company are: A) The entrepreneur: A person or body of persons responsible for managing and directing take the decisions necessary for the proper conduct of the business. Not always match the entrepreneur and the owner, since they must differentiate the director, who manages the company, shareholders and owners who have risked their money thus receive the benefits. B) Employees: The group of people who perform their work in the company, so the low pay. C) Technology: It comprises all production processes and techniques necessary to make (techniques, processes, machines, computers, etc.).. D) Providers: These are people or companies that provide the raw materials, services, machinery, etc.. Necessary for companies to carry out their activity. E) Customers: They represent all people or companies that demand for goods produced or services provided by the company. F) Competition: These are the companies that produce the same goods or provide the same services and with which it has to struggle to attract customers. G) Public agencies: Both the Central and State Autonomous Bodies and Municipalities determine the company’s business through industrial policy, fiscal, social or other.