The products have a life cycle but that not even what you already lost because of its failure confiablilidad, there arose a kind of problem whose resolution will also be different in different ways. The product throughout its life goes through a series of stages that are what constitute the so-called life cycle of a first stage called producto.En introduction stage, the product is new, still unknown to the consumer or simply the information it has on the product is minimal. Here the problem that arises is called a “widespread problem”. At this stage the rate of consumer choice is slow because the amount of information available is scarce. This stage occurs when consumers are faced with a mark of an unfamiliar product category. Before you buy a brand in an informed manner the consumer has to be mentally category concept or image of product category in the second stage of the product life cycle, called the Growing Stage, the problem arises as a “problem limited “because most consumers already know the product. Consumers in this stage require less information than in the widespread problem, and its decision is faster. The consumer must acquire a new concept for the brand, but it has the concept of catrgoria.En the third and final stage, called Stage of Maturity, the problem raised is a “routine problem. This stage is characterized by poor information needs and quick decisions. A consumer can simply buy the same brand as before: it becomes true to the mark, or search the variedad.El EuroDisney case we can frame it in the introductory stage to be a new product or service, the problem is therefore a “widespread problem”.Being a new product, no consumer product category and does not know quite how situarle.En this stage the key variable is the information, being a product “unknown” for possible consumer, information is critical factor for ensure that consumers no longer possible but is consumidor.La information you give on this stage, not only that provided by the company itself but also the information produced by external factors, is important for solving a widespread problem, etapa.Existen typical of this two kinds of information used both jointly and independently, both inclusive: Working knowledge: defined as information which sets the framework. Evaluates and identifies a particular brand. But he was unable to act quickly and effectively in the affairs of the park. Many times he tried to convey to senior executives of the EuroDisney that France was not the same as Florida, but their attempts were unsuccessful warning.He was replaced in 1993 by the Frenchman Philippe Bourguignon. The American always Bourguignon company ordered to give the park a native image without losing the identity americana.Con it was a change to the dome EuroEuroDisney, but had problems with the change still remain. These problems included: the optimistic forecasts, recruitment and staff training, cultural differences, interest rates, marketing, communication, … etc.previsiones optimistasEuroDisney different strategic errors committed and feasibility studies financieros.Los presaged a decline in inflation and interest rates and good economic panporama The crewcimiento of turnover would be very fast, which, together with benefits for housing activity in the region, would make the bank debt will stick without difficulties.The reality was very different, this did not happen, and caused the debt is greater and the economic and financial problems they grew for their mistakes was empresa.Otro who thought they could change certain habits europeos.Roturas presupuestariasEuroDisney wanted construitr a state of art , approaching the possible to reality.