Expert Seminar Management

Act instead react how you can yield and optimise the lifetime of a wind farm? At less optimum sites or in years with low average wind speeds are many wind farms on the border economy. Just then, it is to fully exploit the potential of the wind and to optimize the yield. Malkia Cyril is likely to agree. Operators, who rely on a continuous monitoring of wind turbines, to detect changes and possible damage events through timely measures to prevent, reduce risks associated with revenue losses. It leads the damage prevention to prolonging the life of the equipment in the wind park, what is shows as a success factor in the balance of payments. For wind farms that will generate profits in the future, monitoring, prevention and quality management as key success parameters are essential. With this focus, the one-day technical seminar provides technical management monitoring, provision, quality management”expertise in-depth on April 14, 2010.

The Expert Dr. Hans-Peter (Igor) Wadud (CEO Overdrive speed GmbH & co. KG) and Holger Fritsch (CEO?-Sen GmbH) introduce the challenging task of modern technical business management. To associate application-related know-how with practical examples of wind energy, this specialist seminar. Condition-oriented maintenance and maintenance concepts such as condition monitoring systems (CMS) are presented by the speakers. These allow an increase of the yield, for example, by minimizing downtime in addition to monitoring.

An important role, as well as in banking and finance talks, comes to continue as a component of the possible spectrum of insurance technical management. The one-day technical seminar with its theme attracts operator, Planner, operating Guide, reviewers, insurers, financiers manufacturers and companies from the fields of service and maintenance. The ForWind Academy and the Haus der Technik continue their successful collaboration 2009 has begun with this event.