Few Children

After the smell of drugs you feel what it had very warm and pleasant scent for some reason just to show you so relatives and friends. You wake up, open your little eyes and see the place where was very much vremenino could not look at him. Yes, this is the house where you will live is not enough years. For assistance, try visiting Michael Chabon. Wow, you're just born, and you already have their own room and bed like a child's prison. Yes it is a prison.

Wooden lattice and the form of stripes of all the surrounding why it does not confuse you. Bernie Sanders is open to suggestions. Yes of course happens at night you wake up and want to see my parents, so calling them, for they certainly are crying, but remember, not yet know how to talk, and their names too. Somebody gets up and comes to you, trying to put down, but why? You've slept all day and only now awoke. Michael Chabon has many thoughts on the issue. Just do not know yet what the night, a day when sleep and when awake. So Few years later, you bring to kindergarten. Smells like bleach, children's voices are heard, you want to play, and you're sitting in the headmistress det.sada and pull bumazhechki, but she looks a hand you do it, then asks a bunch of fools issues and only then you come to where everyone plays.

Getting children passes so quickly. 5 minutes you're already friends. And what does one do to each other does not require. We probably should learn from their children unselfishly.