First Child

Breastfeeding – it's the best way to feed the child after birth. It helps the formation of the close relationship between mother and child. The newborn is dependent on his mother. Breast-feeding has a tremendous influence in shaping the child's mind and restore the mother after childbirth. Mother's milk is a unique product that provides the child with nutrients and antibodies necessary to protect the child's immune system against infections. It is easier to digest and assimilate.

Milk appears after 12-48 hours after birth and first colostrum is produced, which stimulates the immune system a child, contributes to the development of the immature gut of the child, protects the child from developing allergies. It is therefore very important that the baby is getting colostrum immediately after birth within a few feedings. If earlier it was believed that the child should be fed by the clock (6, 9,12,15,18,21,24 hours), but now pediatricians recommend feeding on demand. Baby to attach up to 20 times a day, and some kids eat in 15 minutes. When breastfeeding is not need to limit the time the kid that he spends at the breast. It is known that breast milk is divided into front and rear. Front baby drinks, it is less nutritious and contains lots of water. Back more milk fat.

AND therefore, to have baby worked correctly intestines, and he gain weight, you need to let him suckle as much as he wants – during prolonged feeding the baby will receive and forward the milk, and back. The most important thing in feeding – a good attachment to the baby's mother's breast. To the kid ate, gain weight and my mother was not hurt during feeding, it is necessary to know the rules apposition to the chest. For First, you need to take a correct and comfortable (for both moms and for kids) position. All kid's body (not just his head) should be turned to your mother. Tummies mother and baby should be closely in contact. Wide open (As if yawning) mouth baby must capture not only the nipple but most of the areola. The upper part of the areola can be seen, and the bottom should be in the mouth of the child. Good attachment to get rid of Mom cracked nipples and promote milk production in the required quantities. The success of breast-feeding is strongly influenced by the psychological condition of women. If she's comfortable, it does not gnaw at problems, and milk from her will suffice. And if a woman is constantly under stress, she worried that she did not have enough milk, it can negatively affect milk production. Bad mood Momma can cause children's colic, flatulence, headaches and frequent regurgitation of the baby. It is therefore necessary to control myself, stay calm and to adjust itself to the best.