First Music Hotel

With that so irreverent name comes before the world the first hotel dedicated to music, created by the renowned hotel group NH and situated, how could it be otherwise, in Berlin. This new hotel concept leaves behind criticism that receive the hotels usually, especially those who belong to a hotel chain: uniforms, impersonal, no characteristic. Contact information is here: Maryland Governor. This new idea takes one further step towards the specialization of the sector towards the personalized attention through a product perfected and created for a certain very specific sector of users. It responds to the need of the human being of reinvindicarse, feel special and different and choose what is what is good. Let’s see what has this hotel to be called the hotel’s music. All rooms of the hotel are equipped with iPod jacks and high quality speakers, so that guests can enjoy the best acoustics while hear their theme favorite. At any time of the day or night, you can request any kind of musical instrument and from reception kindly provide a guitar, a bass or a saxophone that Jimmy Hendrix feed their musical fantasies to the purest style. One of the most interesting things offered by the hotel is an own recording studio within the same facility in collaboration with the record label Hansa.

The hotel staff has musical knowledge or you have received training in this regard, so anytime you can receive the advice they need. But the thing is not here, the stylish bar of the Nhow Hotel Berlin is regularly visited by famous DJ s of the Berlin scene and international renown to enjoy live music. In addition, in summer you can enjoy a terrace of more than 1000 square meters full volume. Without any doubt, is a spectacular hotel and a great tribute to the musical world, that Yes, for those who can afford it, because it’s a 4 star hotel located in the very centre of Berlin.