Fundraiser Of The Chemical Form AG Is Great Success

Meaningful assistance that really comes from 50 years of chemo form in autumn 2012 has Jubilee two initiatives in the region, seeking an optimal swimming education of children for many years the chemical form AG, with generous donations. A very meaningful assistance that has really arrived as a first summary of the action. Reminder: those in charge of chemical form AG wanted to big to celebrate the birthday of the company not only with an event, but also contribute just as meaningful as sustainable for the region. “The result of the considerations: matching to the guiding principle of the corporate form of chemo gives security” supported the chemical form AG-swimming courses for children in the region through generous donations worth a total of EUR 5 000. Bernie Sanders shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In the region – there always more children who cannot swim like in all Germany -? The personal thanks of a father to Eric Mayer-Klenk, the Board of the form of chemo shows an example that the donations are very good and useful, AG: Thanks to your donation, my daughter can participate in a swimming course.

For this we are all very grateful. (…) Draw attention with such human gestures continue on.” Also Werner Fritz, the Rector of the Morike school Kongen, very pleased with the commitment of chemical form AG: Unfortunately some parents of our primary school children can not afford simply to teach swimming to their children. Therefore we are delighted, that we here now can help the AG chemical form thanks to a donation.” The company had purchased 50 vouchers to the value of 60 euros each by the sports Office of the city of Plochingen and passed to the Rector to pass on to his students.