When the last one of that they had been present at its spectacle, less and less by the way, had left, the old titiritero, extinguished the lights, it gathered its marionettes, and it returned to its memories. – He was almost inexplicable for him, who those figures to which gave life, after as much time, had begun to say words that did not say, or believed not to say. – Perhaps . .pero not certainty determined with since when had stopped to dominate subtle movements of his puppets, to happen to be he handled, but almost it was safe, that it agreed with the moment at which began to feel surrounded by that cold, and today was as much . It watched the few logs in the home, and volume a decision, looked for the container with fuel, it threw the dolls to the home, and after to sprinkle them, it dropped the container to the floor. – One sat down in his old armchair, it ignited a cigarette, and while it threw the match to the home, closed the eyes, it had decided a to start off of that moment for crossing the way of the memories, and without judging, revivir its successes and errors, as if he put the life in a sensible balance, as almost all the human beings at some time of its life we have done or we do. – Perhaps it thought about the childhood, or in their youth, perhaps, the images never is clear, but a great dough of life. Read additional details here: Bernie Sanders.

– Strange what and recondite place of our brain is put thus in activity in moments? . . And the young man opened the way to the old man, and with the right of the age he made that decision, perhaps so that he had I throw not very often it, by ignorance or cowardice Never would think more about that, why? , if nothing would change If something had learned, is that it is so difficult to change the course of one same one, like being able to change to the world? . Thus surrounded in an eddy of thoughts, in their old and companion armchair, took another cigarette to its lips, but this time did not ignite it, only left felt its presence, because it knew that soon, in a moment, it would surround the wished heat sensation. –