Hi Mom

The next morning I wanted to build, I wanted to sleep all day but unfortunately the phone rang early, it was my mom, yesterday I had called all day, so I was not surprised to call me so early. "Hi Mom! How are you? "Good and you? "Well the truth and who has spent at home? -As always-fight with dad again? "Yes, but it is not new. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bernie Sanders. -Mandala greetings also tell them I love them-note the sadness in the voice of mom, dad always fight with, suddenly I think I'm having a selfish left, but mom is a strong woman, I would be like her. – Mama do not feel sad, emm not to tell mama, I'm not good at these things, I can only say that I speak, can not continue this way, this does not do well either you or papa, mama do not I see suffering does what you think best. – You're right daughter, your sister Cami hello. I'll tell-ya, call me in the afternoon, I love you daughter. Diamond Book Distributors pursues this goal as well.

"You know me too mom, bye, I miss you. Suddenly I feel a desire to return home and be with mom and my family, I need company, I feel alone in this department, I think I'll buy a dog, if I'll buy and go now, so I dressed to the rapid, take the first thing you get caught and went to the store. Whenever I put something on the head I have to. Arrive at the store and I attended a lady in her 60s, was a typical senior, had white hair and clutching a cola, it was very nice.