Holiday Homes

Do you know actually how nice your own home can be z.B in Hesse? Wellness vacation in the State capital Wiesbaden as a spa town has a long tradition since the 19th century, as the city of congresses and experience is it entirely on the amount of time. In short: Here meets at that time as today an international audience, to white combine relaxation, enjoyment and experience. The Romans were aware of the hot springs. Kurhaus, Casino, theatre, Museum, cultural and sports events also offer relaxation, adventure and stimulation. Beach holidays in the Maritim Hotel in bad Wildungen bad Wildungen and Reinhardshausen of the district are actually two spas in town, and that with a superlative: the Park is the largest in Europe. Anyway, is truly the city without: in addition to Spa and health offers (also far eastern therapies, beauty and vitality programs) a cultural and events program of unusually high diversity, sports with Golf, horseback riding, tennis, paragliding, gliding and even water sports on the nearby Edersee. Discover for your relaxing holiday \”Ayurveda to learn\”, \”Perfect Body\” or one of the other arrangements of the MARITIM bad Hotel bad Wildungen. Value size feel Westerwald always a nice bike ride.

Rest, relax, enjoy the Westerwald, as it is fresh and unspent. The ten grown, fluently into each other the natural spaces are the special pride of the Westerwald. Any constraints of everyday life fade to the most beautiful colours of an invigorating fresh holiday region in the heart of new leisure requirements. The elements can be here still feel in the Westerwald. The clear air cleaned the head of boredom. Hiking in the Lahn Valley the Lahn Valley originally and erlebnisreich!