Jack Russell

Some greyhounds greyhound known are the English and the Afghan hound. 3. Terrier dogs are hunting dogs burrowing animals. With few exceptions, these dogs are small or medium, able to enter burrows of animals are considered pests. The style of hunting with dogs terrier is to drop one or two dogs inside the burrow to kill or cause to go to the dam. If they kill, they get the body to deliver to the hunter.

If they leave, is the human hunter who must kill her. There are many popular terrier, but the most commonly used for hunting are not as popular. Perhaps the Jack Russell terrier is one of the most popular of the terrier that is still used as hunting dogs. 4. Dogs shows are typical hunting dogs. Also known as senaladotes dogs because what they do is point your nose to where the dam.

Then the hunter can shoot. These dogs do not scare or attack prey. Simply detected by their powerful sense of smell and identify where you are. The most famous dog show is the English pointer, or simply pointer. 5. The retrievers are hunting dogs also very popular, although many people are not known for their hunting skills, but by her skills as assistance dogs. These dogs include well known and Golden Labrador retriever. Collectors play a very specific function in the game: to bring the piece that has been shot dead. Can fulfill this role very well both on land and in water. In fact, most retrievers, if not all, once considered water dogs for their ability to collect in the water. Water Dogs are also used to collect the piece. Although some experts classify separate conductors, their function is the same, and they can charge on land. Therefore, water dogs also fall into the category of collectors. 6. The lifters are the spaniel dog. Their job is to detect and frighten prey, making it out of hiding. They are usually bird hunting dogs, and make the birds take flight, becoming exposed. Then the hunter can shoot without a problem. Lifters Dogs are perhaps the best known English cocker spaniel, but other spaniel breeds are preferred by hunters.