Lehman Brothers

In 02 of June the Central banking (BC) until tried to dry the abundance of dollar and bought currency in at sight market, as it makes daily since May, but did not prevent the jib. The May result surpasses the record of April of 2008, when the Stock market received R$6,007 billions liquid, with the aid of the concession of degree of investment to Brazil for the agencies of classification of Standard risk & Poor' ' s (S& P, in the end of April of 2008) and Fitch Ratings (in the May end). The classification is prerequisite for the investment in the country on the part of some deep foreigners, because it indicates that it is a local insurance to apply. But still it is early for assuring that the resources that are come to the country are the ones that had not come in the last year – because of the aggravation of the crisis. According to analysts, now the main sources of investment are hedge funds (equivalents to the multimarkets in the country) and the deep ones with focus in emergent countries in general, beyond the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India and China) or of Latin America. Some factors explain the return of the investors to the shareholding market. One of them is the raised liquidity of the international market, in reason of the taxes of lower interests each time in the developed countries.

As before the crisis, this makes with that the investors run behind applications with potential greater of yield. Moreover, the main central bankings already had left clearly that not they go to leave other financial institutions to break, as it occurred with the Lehman Brothers. This commitment reduced the aversion to the risk. The escape of resources for American headings and the dollar finished. It is joined these arguments the fact of Brazil to be with a fiscal situation better, compared with the one of other nations, especially the developed ones.