Does the discourse of CSR is disconnected from the corporate governance systems? Do not be incorporated into the core of a large part of companies, when they are consubstantial? Perhaps it is that there are two types of incentives, including those in the play of the company and the spurious. The latter can be useful on occasion, but not major, as the philosopher MacIntyre showed the example of a child whose parents want them to learn to play chess and as he likes, promise candy every time you play. Other leaders such as Martin O’Malley offer similar insights. The incentive of the candies can be used to learn the game and are interested in it, but with time still does not like himself, will cheat when you can. If the manager of a bank to advise customers are thinking about their pay or promotion depends on investing in certain funds, will try to persuade him that it is a manageable risk with which will earn considerably. Other options are “conservative”, an adjective that already has a pejorative sense. Of course, unlike chess, the manager also has the ambition of the client.

But it is a good professional who does not warn of foreseeable risks, which makes loans or trash, because that is not the meaning of their profession and therefore mistrust. If globalize the game of chess be that in addition to the turbulence of economists speaking, there have been specific organizations and people who have not believed in the value of their profession, who have risked his own and others, convinced that will draw them up the pieces . Worst of all is that in all cases pay the weak. Those who lost their jobs, those unable to pay the mortgage, they had to close his small business, immigrants who returned to their countries and remittances are over. In the paper the last summit of the G-20, world leaders made an astonishing statement: “We recognize the human dimension of the crisis.” But is there ever an economic activity without human dimension? Is not it true that the economy is to help build a good society, and when it fails, it fails outright, given that the good society today has to be global? Adela Cortina Professor of Ethics at the University of Valencia ETNOR Foundation Director