Managing Director

The focus is on the integration of terminology management. Due to the numerous starting points and mutual synergies, both will intensify their cooperation. The full integration of the IQ in the web-based content management system they are intended.

A controlled language is essential for the use of synergy effects in the editing process and for the reduction of translation costs. You, for example, ensures that terms are used consistently and facilitates also the reading and comprehension of instructions and other product documentation. Therefore, the strategic partnership of them and Ergophras offers a real Added value for technical documentation departments: planned full integration of the IQ in Ergophras editors can ensure already in the creation of the source text that consistent terminology and style rules are used. What has a significant influence on the quality in all subsequent publication levels are therefore consistent, the units of text that is stored in Ekumo. For their processing, Ekumo as a fully web-based content management system offers all the functions that are necessary for creating, editing, organizing, test and publish technical documents and complex product information.

the responsible for marketing Managing Director says: We look forward to even greater cooperation with Ergophras. The close combination of author support and content management system has the great benefit of efficient reuse set – and module-level for the customers.” the Managing Director of Ergophras added: already in our joint project at their software solution has convinced us. With you, our users can provide for comprehensive, consistent and easily translatable texts.