Meditation Self Help

Being yourself is meditation, because meditation is your natural state. See Dr. Mark Hyman for more details and insights. is not you who is thinking about all day is your ego and that can not be called meditation, it’s you that beautiful creature that can just be, now you can just sit and see what happens in front of you, actually really’ll hear thoughts that come and go in your mind, that is not meditation is to observe your thoughts and your status is perfect but you were born with if meditation is that meditation is just being yourself and think about other people in other places, in a picture or something else is not, can not be yourself is something other than you, therefore you can not meditate is not meditation, your mind is elsewhere and your body well then you’re not allowed to see, if only the time came where you could be with you would be a meditation, and do not get me wrong is not never think anything is to be yourself to be on what these where those with whom these and feel beautiful and full of peace and happiness, until you are sufficiently aware of yourself that you know and you know at that time to be with you know to be yourself, meditation is as simple as let you down like a feather falling from the sky light. the first time you sit down to try to think there may be no achievements but maybe if you are already a breakthrough and an effort is important if you control your mind can do better tomorrow, for the meditator there are only two rules: the discipline and patience nothing else, sit, stand, make love to cook, pray, thanking can be a meditation if you do it with discipline and patience slowly and carefully pronouncing you doing touching smelling disciplinary hearing notice every detail and very calm patience that’s all not to and nothing else to do but insist you’re thoughts and every time go by flight ego that will not attract the real person if you are..