Medium Enterprises

According to official figures, unemployment in the country reached 7.3%, while official studies say that in 2009, could reach two digits. In fact, some factories have already laid off some staff to the decrease of the activity or have advanced the holiday of your employees. It is said, which is remarkable, as has fallen to purchase cars, appliances and buildings, so the government launched plans to encourage consumption through, for example, plans exchanges of refrigerators and ovens, and car financing Very significant zero kilometer, when he says, that the productive sector most affected is the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the case of Argentina, for example, even in Venezuela, where the first generates almost 90% of total employment recorded in the country. While no concrete figures, the Undersecretariat for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Development (SEPYME) estimates that 1.55 million active SMEs, of which 71% is situated in the province of Buenos Aires. O’Malley for President has plenty of information regarding this issue. The agency classifies SMEs as average annual sales the past three years, being different according to the court from which the sector signature. Thus, a billing services company less than $ 135,000 are considered small business, whereas a construction firm that generates sales of less than $ 7 million is classified as medium enterprises. For this reason, the challenges for SMEs in 2009 form a long list, which can be summarized in the opinions of specialists Dentice Henry, a researcher at the National University of San Martin (UNSAM): “When all sectors are shrinking demand , a high domestic interest rates (at least 20%), no room prices and of course, lower returns, the challenges are significant. .