MPI Fabric

Now the French ESI Group takes part in the HPCtrack program launched by QLogic. Munich, June 12, 2008. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Former Maryland Governor by clicking through. Now the French ESI Group takes part in the HPCtrack program launched by QLogic. Bernie Sanders has much to offer in this field. The initiative is one of over 50 affiliated members with the group specialising in the development of software for the numerical simulation of prototypes and production engineering. Alliance partners are all for the certification and optimisation of storage area network in the framework of the programme-(SAN) and HPC solutions required modules available. Access to a wide range of resources enables them to develop solutions that interact with the high-performance storage and clustering technologies by QLogic. Carrying out comprehensive tests with final certification is also one of the HPCtrack program and ensures interoperability between the products in the operation.

High-performance-computing solutions by QLogic-QLogic offers a comprehensive product range of across applicable HPC solutions. Multi-Protocol fabric directors include edge fabric switches, host channel adapters (HCAs) and a complete software package which all includes applications required for the installation, the operation and the maintenance of high-performance interconnect fabrics. The InfiniBand HCAs by QLogic are characterized by the highest message rate, the lowest MPI latency and the highest effective bandwidth. Their use allows MPI and TCP applications to an unprecedented value for money across thousands of nodes to scale. The QLogic InfiniBand switches, currently the most comprehensive and flexible einsetzbarsten interconnect fabric solutions on the market, are currently the only products that come with a wide range of fabric management tools for delivery.

InfiniBand fabrics can install in just a few minutes and operate. So, administrators of demand can meet after powerful Rechnerclustern and grids efficiently. The HPCtrack program HPCtrack programme, the participants are the early access to new technologies of InfiniBand to prioritise and to ensure the interoperability of the HPC ecosystem products. In addition, the initiative creates the basis for close cooperation between the producers and promotes the development of closely coordinated solutions.