What was the practical application that I’ve been to develop that knowledge. We believe that this is of great importance, even with young children, they should understand the importance and the meaning as for primitive men implico understand that it was adding. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ultra Wellness Center. If not explains you that even in very simple and didactic, simply what we are in little more than a machine to solve problems and exercises that doesn’t understand well that they serve as. A leading source for info: Martin O’Malley. This aspect seems to us crucial to interest your child in a meaningful and valid learning. If we could achieve the glare that took for primitive man to discover such amazing things like numbers, the meaning of zero, the sum, multiplication, etc etc in each child, because somehow in every child plays in abbreviated manner that development. We would then achieve wonders as to their motivation and interest for what we teach.

When split up the useful part and practice of knowledge and that wonderful umbilical cord was cut. And teaching became the learning of concepts and dead ideas, devoid of meaning, isolated from its origins and historical context is lost when this powerful stimulus for real learning. When privilege that the child repeat religiously what you teacher had said, without that mattered to find out if I really understood it is when it began to lose vigor, strength and magic of learning from true knowledge. When I leave aside the child tantee and I found out on their own that it is what is important and what secondary, what of the cause and effect of what is taught, when allows the child doubting and questioning what the professor teaches, then we will have taken a very important step in the right direction. That is the conception of learning that underlies the Multiludica system. As noted above, we have not invented anything, simply put you the accent and the emphasis in that way of teaching a child. We approached each child we teach you, with the utmost respect because we are convinced of the enormous potential to be developed in each one of them. We believe with all humility that we have managed to instill in them the love of numbers, does not exist in the apprehension, nervousness, and the horror that causes them the memorization of the multiplication tables, and that has led to many children and their parents to believe that they are useless for mathematics.

This is what we have achieved with each child has touched those who teach. Without false modestias that has been our pride and the best payment we have received for our efforts all these years. I allowed myself to write this brief article to share with the thousands of parents and teachers looking for an alternative to the painful learning process through which pass their children and students. Is this taking firm steps to teach Multiludica via the Internet. We are committed to achieve this goal, because it is materially impossible to reach as many people interested in person. We are also working on a course on reading aimed at children, which also possess similar characteristics to Multiludica. We believe firmly that a deep and lasting change in our society necessarily passes through an improvement in education. In that regard it points our modest contribution.