Multimedia Elements

These sections are many represented times as lateral bars in typography printed. The element can be used for areas of advertising, groups of navigation elements or even though other resources related or not with the main content. The element represents a baseboard for the page. Normally a baseboard contains information on the company or blog, links for related documents, the data of copyrights etc. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Novelist and gain more knowledge.. Picture 1? Tags Source: IKSON, 2010b 3,3 Resources of caching of applications One another great advantage of HTML 5 is apossibilidade to have access applicatory the Web offline through cache. This process happens from the applicatory filling of this feitospela Uniform Resource Locator (URL), where each one of them will have umarespectiva category. The entrances master are those documentosque had been added to cache for a context of navigation indicated for umatributo of manifesto.

Already the manifesto is the source of the URL indicated in the entradamestre of the HTML. These fillings still can be grouped or not (IKSON, 2010b). 3,4 Data-base resources In the fifth version of the HTML, beyond the bank dedados Structured Query Languag (SQL), other easinesses had been implemented, as for example, the possibility of entrances of values or word-key. Emboraos data bases frequent is not used by the using nodesenvolvedores, these characteristics is sufficiently important for the sites (IKSON, 2010a). 3.5 Elements Multimedia Certainly, one of the biggest limitations of the versoatual of the HTML is the lack of support for exhibition of graphical resources eelementos multimedias. As salient for Andrade & Marchi (2010), must-seconsiderar that in the year of 1999, when was made the specification of HTML 4, these contents was not so excellent, then practically not if tinhapreocupao with these resources.