Natural Parenting

The human immune system is strengthened and ends to develop up to six years, so that the child receives the mother’s antibodies needed by their milk. There are few mothers who have the experience that, immediately after weaning, a child becomes sick, usually cough colds and stomach. In addition, breastfeeding feeds, too, the emotional part of our children, as important as physical. So, feeding as long as the mother and child wish is another of the ideas that sustains the Natural Farming. Arms and physical contact, what better way to be attentive to all signs that give our children the way you move your head when you want to breast feed, or how he moves his back when he wants to pee, o. ..

Thousand signals, learning to communicate through these small signs, even before it is necessary to mourn, is to strengthen parent-child relationship. What better way to help you feel safe, to have self-esteem and grow healthy. Respect the learning pace No human being is identical to another, so the Natural Parenting seeks to respect the rhythms and needs of the infant. How many times have you had to attend any activity you is completely irrelevant and thus not left you anything useful and instead has returned to her and for your own interest and becomes interesting? And how many other times have you wanted to go to know something just because you were forced to do so at an inopportune time for you? Natural Breeding seeks to promote the pleasure and enjoyment of the activities undertaken by children, from the respect of the interest. We seek environments in which children can develop safely without losing their skills and spirit of knowledge. Respect their rhythms means, for example, avoiding all the time to correct their speech.

When we decided to trust their own ability to listen, compare and correct, we will discover with astonishment how learning happens at your own pace and without our intervention. Correct all the time, far from teaching, could create frustration and even slow learning. For this reason some families choose to educate their children at home, so they can really respect the interests and individual growth rates. Take responsibility for educating out of school is a decision of a few families. Others prefer alternative educational options or free, and even mainstream education. In any of these options the parents we participate actively in the education of children and give them the opportunity to develop in a free form. One of the great advantages of Natural Farming is that it allows, to know and respect the needs of our children, build trust and mutual respect through attachment and positive discipline. In conclusion, the Natural Parenting is based on listening to our instincts, to defend our freedom to love and listen to our instincts, thus strengthening the relationship between parents and children. To learn more about what is natural raising visit, where you can subscribe for free weekly news list.