New On Resorts Alacati, Bodrum, Marmaris .

Resort on the peninsula of Cesme Alacati – in many ways an unusual resort. Here, carefully preserved the atmosphere of a small fishing village, which was once a Alacati. And at the same time, large-scale projects worth hundreds of millions of euros. Stone houses in the old style, antique shops, confectionery and tea houses, all made Alacati stylish, attractive place to Istanbul and the European beau monde. Art Galleries, exhibition and sale of sculptures town attractive for the representatives of the bohemians. Here, the water built this city, like Venice, the cost of the project – more than five hundred million euros. In the old pirate fortress which became a restaurant overlooking the bay, you can drink Turkish coffee mug, and then rent a catamaran or yacht, and go on a day to dive and swim among hundreds of islets. Very good condition here and windsurfing.

Bodrum is located between two such magnificent resort like Marmaris and Izmir. By the Sea is suitable green hills covered with tangerine, lemon, orange groves and pine forests. Among entertainment available here, scuba diving, tennis, swimming, yachting, horseback riding, excursions to Dalyan Pammukale, Ephesus, boat trips to the islands. You can see a Crusader castle, which bears the name of St. Peter. This building was constructed a decade, and covers an area of more than 3 million square meters! Now the castle has an excellent museum of underwater archeology, and there has accumulated a vast collection of antiquities.

Interesting buduet see also Myndos gate, and an amphitheater of Bodrum. Marmaris is situated on the shore of the bay, where the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean sea merge together. The air here is filled with the smell the hot sun of pines and oleanders, constantly blowing a fresh sea breeze. Hotels have a large area, swimming pools, situated amidst a pine forest, is popular vacation on all-inclusive. The coastline consists of cozy coves where you can easily find privacy. Marmaris embankment has a length of more than four kilometers, even in Istanbul, there is no long promenade. Located on the waterfront discos, nightclubs, restaurants and cafes. From Marmaris go on excursions to the warm Sources Pammukale in Ephesus to the house of the Virgin Mary, the island of Cleopatra, which was her residence.