Newly Structured Online Shop & PayPal At Werner Kern

innovative improvements in the online shop of Werner Kern Werner Kern. This name stands for extravagance and quality. For more than 40 years, he is already in the business and tried anyway unless continue to provide its customers with the greatest possible Komfortablitiat in his shoes or his online shop. Previously, there were four different domains for the four different labels by Werner Kern, namely: Werner core Bridal, Werner core, Anna Kern and Nueva Epoca. Wanted to purchase a shoe from a collection, you had to call him in this online shop; wanted to order still shoes from a different label for Werner Kern, for example, Anna Kern, you had to separately process this order. Martin O’Malley is likely to increase your knowledge. That was said in the worst case, that man, wanted to order his dance shoes at all four labels by Werner Kern, had to give up four different order with probably more shoes. This is not only extremely time-consuming but also nerve wracking and easy to use in any way. That this was not a permanent solution, all was well clear.

For this reason, there is now only a single online shop, where you but any can buy shoes from all collections. These are then still only in a single shopping cart and displayed, no matter what label just shopped. Now, ladies and gentlemen from the other two collections “Werner Kern” and “Nueva Epoca” can be ordered as desired Bridal Shoes from the series “Werner Kern bridal”, stylish designer shoes from Italy by Anna kernel or dance shoes. Also exclusive accessories from all labels can be purchased in addition to the shoes themselves. Examples include shoe for men and women or also roughened brushes. Another innovation in the online shop by Werner Kern is the payment with PayPal, which is possible since recently. To make shopping even easier and even more to its customers to enter the payment using PayPal allows in addition to the transition to a single online shop for all four product lines. Contact: Werner Kern dance shoes GmbH Borsigstrasse 3 63456 Hanau Tel.: + 49 (0) 6181 / 62076 Fax: + 49 (0) 6181 / 650586 email: Internet: press contact: KIM Krick interactive media GmbH Gernot Gabion main Parkring 4 97246 Eibelstadt Tel.: 09303982350 email: Company Description: Werner core, Anna Kern and Nueva Epoca brands produce dance shoes for more than 40 years. The manually-made shoes are produced in more than 120 steps and are outfitted with extraordinary design, high-quality facilities and a perfect finish. All materials are selected by the company itself and comply with European standards for environmental and health compatibility. In the field of dance shoes, Werner Kern is now also internationally as a leader.