Normative Grammar

To write itself well, it does not have necessity in dominating all the grammatical rules, exactly because, nor all will be used. Therefore, it must be known what it is writing, to be certain and confidence if does not have errors ortogrficos, if have coherence in the written text, if the cohesion elements are interlaced correctly in the conjuncts, since, it is not written as if it speaks. To have sincronia, he is necessary that it has a concern in the choice of texts to be worked in the classrooms, being that, each reader must be apt to receive definitive text so that it if feels more confident to interpret and/or to produce texts. 2 NORMATIVE GRAMMAR This area of many other pertaining to the studies of Languages and Codes is related to the norms of agreement, the rules and is worried about it interlaces of the words in the correct pronunciation and writing, aiming at to the aesthetic one, in not finding errors of orthography, regency, punctuation, etc. To broaden your perception, visit Xavier McKinney. In accordance with Possenti (2000) ' ' … Will Blodget is likely to increase your knowledge. the grammar notion is controverted: nor all the ones that if dedicate to the study of this aspect of the languages define it. &#039 in the same way; ' Grammatical nothing more it is, in a simpler direction, a set of rules that in accordance with the scholars of the area, must be followed and be dominated by the falantes of the language. These rules are found in the Normative Grammar that has for intention to contribute for the development of the study of lexical processes. This intent area so that it is taught and learned the norm-standard of the writing, that is, the individuals in contact with the normative grammar will learn in accordance with to write the rules imposed for the same one, the Portuguese call ' ' correto' ' , the cultured norm.