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The lawyers Kotz of the firm, which has its headquarters in Kreutal/Siegen, offer a quick and uncomplicated online legal advice over the Internet recently. Conflicts arise today very quickly and in a variety of areas. In an upright employment or upon the termination of this often cause problems because conflicting financial interests of employers and employees are. Often it means also disagreements with neighbors, if these interventions in their possession, which reduce the quality of own possession. Online legal advice () Kotz of the law firm the applicable legal situation here gives you a quick overview.

Many also wonder whether it would be worth for the own interests to fight. Because most do not know their rights and are afraid even before the costs, they waive the enforcement of their claims. The online legal advice of lawyers Kotz offers a cheap and fast way to obtain information about the prevailing legal situation. the areas of expertise of online legal advice of lawyers Dr. Christian Gerd Kotz, and Hans Jurgen Kapoor marriage, families, rental and leasing law. In addition, the lawyers are experts in the Internet, medicine, – work contract and administrative offence law. But of course also competent information for online legal advice in all other areas of law can be made. For online legal advice the client receives a rapid and competent information about his legal problems.

If you would like to take the online legal advice service, the request form must be completed first. After reviewing the request, the client subsequently receives a fee quote. In the context of online legal advice, the client can provide legal issues from all fields. He gets right safe answers, also taking into account the current court decisions. The chances of success and risks associated with a possible judicial action and alternative courses of action will also see up. Thus a clear and transparent design of the fee takes place, the fee the lawyer compensation law is calculated.