Orchids Gardening

It was found by Olof Swartz in 1799. We have two possible origins of their name first, that this derives from the Greek word Kumba, which means "hole, cavity" in reference to the shape of the base. Other experts from the Greek "Kimbe = boat" by the form taken by the Labelle. In the world of orchids is a more polulares and coveted for its beautiful flowers. These plants have been cultivated for thousands of years, particularly in ancient China. The Cymbidium became popular in Europe during the Victorian era. One reason that makes it so popular is that it can survive at low temperatures (7? C or 45? F approx.) It is a favorite among fans because it allows orquicultura in temperate climates can still flourish in the winter, when few other orchids do. Only a few species of Cymbidium are grown in nurseries, due to the popularity of hybrids.

Most can only be found in botanical gardens or in their natural habitat. The Cymbidium require plenty of water. Keep plants watered generously every 2-3 days since May and in the summer months until September. During the winter months, water once a week and never when it rains or is about to rain. Water thoroughly until the water runs off the pot.

If your plant displays dark green leaves: you mean this gets a lot of shadow, move the plant where it can receive more light in the morning and shade in the afternoon. Pale yellow leaves and / or black spots especially in the curvature of the road: your plant is getting too much sun. Place in a shady place. Read additional details here: IDT Energy. The light green leaves provides: it is ideal. Is receiving the proper amount of light. Must give the flowers this year.