Painting Heating Panels

The main characteristic of the adhesive is the time of his survival in the open air before the seizure. At the expiration of this time a pack of blank panels must be loaded into the press. Adhesive with long open time (time of survival) is suitable for the press, which can lay the package blanks greater thickness at high Performance kleenaneseniya operations. As a rule, the higher the automation of manufacturing sandwich panels the shorter survival of glue. For example, in production lines for the production of steel sandwich panels apply two-component polyurethane adhesives, while survivability which is 18-25 seconds. Glue Top-Ur 12 and 25 Top-Ur more suitable for use in highly automated production lines with high productivity kleenananosyaschey installation prerequisite in this case is the presence of thermo that will increase productivity. Of adhesive stamps Macroplast, used in the manufacture of sandwich panels fastest glue Macroplast UR 7228, the highest time to achieve the strength and vitality of the time has Macroplast UR 7221. Si Hay group of companies also makes T-component polyurethane adhesive for sandwich panels.

Mark glue – "Ai-Cu-Ti Tech PU Adhesive 03". Of PU adhesives mark 03 times the highest survivability has glue marks CP 03 M, the smallest – PU 03 B2. Clay Kestopur 100/90 has the highest survival time and the necessary time compression of all the previously discussed adhesives. Kestopur PL 100 / 8 – a relatively quick-setting glue. NPF "adhesive" offers two suitable for the production of PVC sandwich panels of one-component polyurethane adhesive.

ADV – 46 has more vitality than Modified ADV – 46. Clay "IZOLEMFI 50106S mono" is a fairly long time survival. The use of single-component polyurethane adhesives require strict observance of technology. Manufacturer stream line type gives the following advice regarding the operation of: The pump and pipes do not need to be cleaned if the line does not run more than 16 hours after stopping; If you plan to run a line through the 16-48 hours after stopping, then to insert into the holes Painting Heating installation pins and take them out before you start; If the line is scheduled to launch in 48-60 hours after stopping the line, you must attach the pipe to supply the glue in the glue container; If starting line is planned within 60 hours after you stop, you must open the glue pump every 24 hours for it to work for 5-10 minutes. In this case the pump should be provided with adhesive and the absence of air. C prepared feasibility study Organization of production of PVC sandwich panels can be found in the report of the Academy of IKAR industrial markets "Feasibility study of the PVC sandwich panels."